Friday, January 24, 2020

College Admissions Essay -- essays papers

College Admissions Essay If someone asked me where I am going to be in ten years, this would be my answer. I will have a great, high-paying job, and beautiful wife and family, and a nice sports car parked in front of my lovely house. When I look into the future, I see myself being successful and happy. Even though I always pictured myself this way, I never worried too much about how I would get there. I feel the Suffolk University can lay the groundwork for making these dreams into reality. Regretfully, when I entered high school I did not realize how hard I had to work to get what I wanted. I went to my classes, did my work, but never really pushed myself to my full abilities. I thought that as long as I graduated with decent grades I would be able to get into college and really focus then. But as high school quickly came to an end I realized that I was not as well prepared for college, as I would have liked. By the time I was a senior I began concentrating more on my studies, and less on other things. Once I started applying myself, my grades improved, and so did my attitude about my education. Senior year flew by before I knew it, and I still had to take my SAT's. I was sick with bronchitis, but had to take them because it was the last available date. I struggled through them, knowing that if I had only not waited until the last minute, I could have redone them when I was healthy. It was too late though, so I was stuck with a score that I was not pleased with. Aft...

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