Monday, November 18, 2019

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Research Proposal Example This research will begin with the statement that drug and alcohol addiction has been one chief source of various ills in our society which deserves to be addressed seriously for an intensive permanent resolution. We can never deny the fact that somewhere in history, alcohol drinking and substance use have heretofore prevailed to be part of our culture and we have often found a great deal of change through them in terms of economy and socio-political affairs from societal to global scale. Like poverty and the cold war between nations, drug and alcohol addiction is an appalling crisis that would not cease to torment and misshape the moral sphere of living. On this ground, I have decided to conduct further research on drug and alcohol addiction, being a subject area of huge significance especially in determining certain causes or factors if issues that emerge out of trouble within the family, search for identity, the problem with career, and several other more personal conflicts.  To me, it is quite essential to examine individual concerns that are directly influenced by addiction to alcohol and drug since an addicted drug user or alcohol drinker eventually affects other people in his circle. As observed in reality, every person who has abused the use of drugs and alcohol bears a negative impact on the lives of others who may commit quality-of-life crimes themselves. Moreover, studies demonstrate that drug and alcohol addiction is widely associated to cases of human trafficking, murder, sexual assault, theft and robbery, juvenile delinquencies, different forms of violence, suicide, and other criminal or unlawful acts that run contrary to promoting ethics, health, and life of peace. The paper would aim as well to cover discussion of the existing measures implemented by the American government, how effective these measures are, and what else can be done to improve such measures on preventing and possibly finding solutions to eradicate drug and alcohol addiction co mpletely among the youth.

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